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Real Estate ownership is most often the single largest investment we will embark upon.

Taking a buyer through he process of the transaction is a tremendous responsibility for an agent to take upon themselves and something most take very serious.

Helping a home owner sell a property and ensure it is stress free along with a smooth transition to their next home is a juggling act that takes a high level of professionalism.

We effect not only the financial well being of a family but shape the future of where home is, where their children will go to school, who their new neighbor friends can be and more. Our actions have lasting effects for years to come. It is our duty to focus on the client. 

While the brokerage a Realtor "hangs his hat" with rarely makes a difference, Compass changes that.  The technology forward approach develops tools that I can apply to better find those amazing neighborhoods and great investments. Tools that allow me to focus on the client by making me dramatically more efficient and effective. 

While the technology is impressive, the most unique aspect of Compass is the mantra of agent collaboration between agents. Gone is the fierce competitive nature and present is a true team focus that opens opportunities that benefits our clients.  Collaboration in pocket listings on a nationwide scale, a dedicated marketing team that helps promote a home sellers property in unique ways and a true sense of open dialog to best help the clients of all agents.

Compass is the Apple/Facebook/Tesla of real estate brokerages and I look forward to sharing their unique approach as we embark on the real estate journey together. 


To have a conversation about your real estate investments current, future and present, I can be reached at:


Michael Robleto

Realtor @ Compass

680 E Colorado Blvd #150 Pasadena Ca 91101




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