What Would Be My Monthly Mortgage -Ultimate Cheat Sheet

One of the most common questions I encounter when helping would-be homeowners is what would the monthly mortgage be on a specific property.

Many factors come into play, cost of the house is the obvious one (and the one factor buyers focus on first), but just as important is the interest rate you secure at the time of closing your escrow on your new home. 

While the most accurate way to know exactly what you qualify for and what your monthly payment would be is . to get Pre-Approved (not pre-qualified) you can get a sense of what you can afford and what a monthly payment would be from this simple cheat sheet put together by Simon Atik of Guaranteed Rate Affinity.

Guaranteed Rate is a technology-forward mortgage lender that lives by their tag line of "Love Your Next Mortgage" and strives to customize mortgages based on home buyer needs rather than the typical template style format of most lenders.

Simon put together the linked cheat sheet to give home buyers a sense of what a monthly mortgage payment could be and maximum loan amounts based on your income.

While this cheat sheet is a very handy tool as you embark on becoming a homeowner, keep in mind other factors will come into play for the final loan amount and payments,. Things like credit card and car payments, the amount of your downpayment as others will refine these estimates.

My advice to all home shoppers is to go through Pre-Approval first. Not only will this refine your possibilities, it will supply you with a letter of Pre-Approval, something 99% of all home seller require before accepting your offer. Waiting to go through pre-approval after you find that perfect forever home will risk you losing that home due to the time it takes for pre-approval and the fast pace of how homes sell i Pasadena and the Los Angeles area.

Download the Monthly Mortgage Cheat Sheet HERE

Maximum Loan Amounts

To start the Pre-Approval process, Simon Atik can be reached at: 

Simon Atik

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Michael Robleto

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Michael Robleto is a Pasadena based REALTOR® with Compass Real Estate. His analytical and open approach to sales and representation have served his clients well in his twenty years of sales experience. Michael is a staunch homeowner advocate that blends compassion with a highly advanced technology-driven approach to the buying and selling of real estate in and around Los Angeles.  His client accolades of insight, integrity and hard work support the fact that he is not your average agent. 

Michael leverages his personal passion for historic architecture to provide his clients the unknown insight on the pros and cons of older homes.  Michael, a California native, grew up in an older Bungalow home and has spent 23 years in Southern California admiring the unique architecture of the region.  He often writes on homeownership strategy, historic residential architecture and Pasadena related topics which can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram under the common profile name of his blog; BungalowAgent or at www.BunaglowAgent.com/blog. 

Michael is a committee member and frequent volunteer for the preservation efforts of Pasadena Heritage as well as a supporter of the Five Acres center for children.  


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