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Schools are a key part of the happiness of families. Pasadena has had a love/hate relationship with PSUD for decades and thankfully it has seen significant improvement over the past years.

With the advent of review sites like Yelp and GreatSchools.com, parents can vent and praise at will. Here are the best of the bunch based on high ratings, lots of reviews but not a lot of complaints and of course proximity to Bungalow Heaven.  Listed by grade and alphabetically


Esquivel Family Childcare  Yelp
Lycée Intl. de Los Angeles Pasadena (PreK-5th)  YelpGreatSchools
Oak Knoll Kinderhaus Montessori School (PreK-8th)  YelpGreatSchools
Pasadena Christian School (PreK-8th)  YelpGreatSchools
Tabernacle of David Christian Academy (PreK-5th)  Yelp

Henry Longfellow Elementary (K-6th)  YelpGreatSchools

Altadena Boys & Girls Academy (PreK-6th)  YelpGreatSchools
Friends Western School (K-6th)  YelpGreatSchools
Judson International School (K-12th)  YelpGreatSchools
Our School K YELP GreatSchools  YelpGreatSchools
Saint Elizabeth Catholic School (K-8th)  YelpGreatSchools
Stratford School (PreK-6th)   YelpGreatSchools


Middle School (Public)
Marshall Fundamental (6th-12th)  YelpGreatSchools

Frostig School (1st-12th)  YelpGreatSchools
George Mueller Academy (2nd-9th)  GreatSchools
Judson International School (K-12th)  YelpGreatSchools
Oak Knoll Kinderhaus Montessori School (PreK-8th)  YelpGreatSchools
Pasadena Christian School (PreK-8th)  YelpGreatSchools
Peace & Justice Academy (6th-12th)  YelpGreatSchools
Saint Elizabeth Catholic School (K-8th)  YelpGreatSchools
Weizman Day School (k-8th)  YelpGreatSchools


Marshall Fundamental (6th-12th)  YelpGreatSchools
Pasadena High School (9th-12th)  YelpGreatSchools

Frostig School (1st-12th)  YelpGreatSchools
Judson International School (K-12th)  YelpGreatSchools
Peace & Justice Academy (6th-12th)  YelpGreatSchools


Did The Bungalow Agent miss one? Have one you have had a great experience with or a certain teacher you love, then he wants to hear about it. Drop him a note and he will amend the list.

Local Contractors

Finding local contractors can be one of the biggest challenges for homeowner. Quality of work, timeliness, fairness in price, it is a sea fraught with highs and lows. 

The Bungalow Agent has compiled a list of known quality contractors to help you in finding the resources you need. The subcontractors listed below have been vetted through years of experience with agents in Pasadena as well as resource sites like Yelp and HomeAdvisor.

Whenever hiring a subcontractor to work on your home, it is advised that you do you own vetting, contact at least three vendors, get referrals of homeowners they have worked for and go see at least one project they completed.

For those looking for preservation specialists specifically,  see our Preservation page HERE.


Have a professional that you want to add to the list? Let me know and we will do some light vetting and add them if everything checks out.


Eminent Construction 888-330-8818 HomeAdvisor
Greuter Construction 626-798-9525 (Historic Specialists) Website
Pasadena Concrete Works 626-584-1875 Yelp
PVM 866-389-4298 Yelp
Rodriguez Concrete 626-664-6950 Yelp


Arroyo Door and Hardware 626-391-3062 HomeAdvisor
San Gabriel Sash & Door 626-285-9781 Yelp


Calecco Construction 626-797-7177 Yelp
GK General Construction 818-400-2325 Yelp
United Firm Construction 626-533-3247 Yelp


Art General Contractor 323-266-4792 HomeAdvisor
Hardwood Floors by Leandro 323-314-6868 Yelp
Almahdi Hardwood Fooring 818-469-3703 Yelp


A-1 Plumbing, Heating & Air 800-931-6843 Yelp
In N Out Air 626-692-6444 Yelp
West Coast Chief Repair 800-810-7813 HomeAdvisor


Ariel Builders 213-337-9309 HomeAdvisor
Emodeling Kitchen & Bath 626-357-2888 Yelp
Prestige Kitchen & Bath 626-460-8660 Yelp


New Image Landscaping 626-421-6270 Yelp
Pasadena Garden Care 626-755-9631 Yelp
Flores Landscaping 323-666-3510 Yelp

Pasadena Gardening & Tree Service 626-449-4340 HomeAdvisor
Best Way Maintenance 626-945-2378 HomeAdvisor


Berger Allied Troy Amidon 310-569-2228 Website
Pink Transfer 626-357-2919 Website
Town & Country Moving Ed Mace 626-334-7735 Website


Alisa Smith Architectural Color Consulting 213-910-3491 Website
James Lee House Painting 800-540-6004 Yelp
Michael Gandsey Painting 626-399-3090 Email
Quality House Painting 626-616-2327 Yelp


D&D Plumbing and Rooter 323-974-4440 Yelp
Daniel Cordova Plumbing 626-986-0077 HomeAdvisor
Capello Plumbing 626-672-6213 Yelp


Roof Repair Specialist 626-869-7663 Yelp
Shea Roofing 909-591-4463 Yelp
RJC Roofing 818-542-4165 Yelp


South Coast Shingle Co Ryan Riddle 562-634-7100 Website


Acadian Development 626-533-0001 Website


Paul's Windows 213-210-8937 Yelp
Glass House 626-796-9151 Yelp


Coast Life Construction 626-227-3046 HomeAdvisor
Window Restoration & Repair Scott Campbell 562-493-1590 Website
The Door Doctor Pat K Stone 626-285-3667 Yelp


Romani Restoration 626-284-4447 Yelp

Bungalow Agent_Neighborhood Coffee Shop.jpg

Mortgage Brokers

Securing a mortgage or refinancing can be tricky to navigate.

If you are a homeowner, maybe refinancing is better for your bottom line, or perhaps you need a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Knowing a good mortgage broker can make all the difference in these transactions. 

Home buyers should not even start looking at places until they have completed a Pre-Approval (not the lesser Pre-Qualification). Any offer on a home in Bungalow Heaven will require a Pre-Approval letter be submitted along with the offer. Do it before you start looking. 

The Bungalow Agent always recommends clients to shop around for a mortgage. Contact the bank you do business with and contact an independent lender, as they may have more flexibility.

To the right are the independent lenders that he has personal experience with and can recommend with confidence.


+ Wholesale Capital Corp

Ryan Hoffman

Ryan Hoffman is a second-generation loan officer with a history of innovative ideas and strategies to accomplish the goals of his clients. Ryan helps find creative financing solutions where others would not have considered, as well as to deliver the customer service and communication dearly needed when handling one of the largest financial decisions most families will ever make. Ryan’s dedication has translated to happy buyers, home owners, and realtors who can feel confident and informed from start to finish. Ryan takes pride in his proactive communication and makes sure that both sides of a transaction are well informed.

+ First Capital | NMLS# 961014

Simon G. Atik
Vice President of Mortgage Lending
(626) 396-3995

A veteran of Southern California, Simon brings a fresh and avant-garde approach to mortgage lending. With over 20 years' experience in banking, asset management and real estate investments, Simon combines vast business acumen with a very personal approach. His ability to educate and belief that each client is unique and requires individual care has made him not only one of the most successful and fastest growing mortgage bankers in the industry, but a favorite among his clients and real estate agents. Simon places a tremendous emphasis on accountability, communication, being accessible and excellent follow-through. Simon specializes in residential, multi-unit and commercial property purchases and refinances, with loan amounts up to $15+ million, for everyone from first-time homebuyers to the seasoned investor.


Bungalow Heaven is a Pasadena-designated Landmark District and while it is one of 40 Landmark Districts in Pasadena, it is the first.  

Landmark Districts are neighborhoods or micro-neighborhoods that are designated to have historical significance that is deemed fitting for preservation. The process of establishing Landmark status requires that a dominant percentage of the homeowners must agree upon making the neighborhood a Landmark District. When Bob Kniesel set out to establish Bungalow Heaven as a historic district back in the eighties, it was no easy task. It was unprecedented for homeowners to give up the right to modify their homes. But alas, the result is an amazing neighborhood with immense charm that has sparked a trend of preservation nationwide.

Landmark District Status is designed to preserve the historical aesthetic of its buildings which limits what a homeowner can do to modify or even upgrade the street-facing elevation of a home. Windows, siding and doors are just some of things that must remain period-correct. During the establishment of a Landmark District all properties within the proposed boundaries are reviewed to determine if they are contributing (original) or non-contributing (been modified well beyond original design). Both contributing and non-contributing properties require a "Certificate of Appropriateness" for any modifications that are to be performed on the street facing portions of the property. Non-contributing properties can be drastically changed to better match the original aesthetic.

The preservation of Bungalow Heaven is key to retaining property values. The average price for these homes is around $1,000,000 as a direct result of the preservation. You don't have to live in a museum and a home should always be comfortable and while some people love the complete restoration inside and out, many people love the comforts of modern technology. The key and resounding correlation with all neighbors in Bungalow Heaven is that they all love their homes. Future neighbors, homeowners and advocates should also.

If you are looking to do a quick flip or are just looking to own a rental property, buying in Bungalow Heaven is probably not for you. 

For more information about the history of Pasadena and to get involved in the preservation, The Bungalow Agent encourages you to become a member of Pasadena Heritage, a great organization of like-minded preservation advocates. More information here: Pasadena Heritage

To find contractors specific to preservation, check out our construction contractor directory or access the guide from Pasadena Heritage HERE

For a great read and amazing photography of Bungalow Heaven and the Arts & Crafts architectural movement, the Bungalow Agent recommends American Bungalow Magazine

A great documentary was produced on the forming of the Bungalow Heaven Landmark District.  You can see the trailer HERE

Stay up to date on Bungalow Heaven events at our Facebook Page HERE

For the epitome of Craftsman Architecture, The Bungalow Agent highly recommends you take a tour of the Legendary Gamble house. See it HERE