The Hottest Trends and Products For The Home


The recent International Builders Show was abuzz with the latest and greatest products for the home. Here we recap what has been getting all the attention and perhaps some of yours.

1. NanaWall ClimaClear- Weather resistant frameless All Glass Wall System: Huge inivation for the indoor/outdoor living style. 

2. VELUX Active- Smart activated skylight, blind and shutter control. We love power drapes in Vegas, now there are power shutters. 

3. EcoBee4 Smart Thermostat. Move over NEST, this smart thermostat has an Alexa/Siri hiding inside as well as a remote. #GameOn

4. EcoSmart EL40 Compact Electric Fireplace. As No Burn Days post almost daily in Pasadena, the cozy warmth of a fire just can't be replaced by a thermostat. These compact designs could work in some applications.

5. Kwikset KEVO Smart Lock Conversion Kit- Adapting door locks for smart home automation can kill the look of your interior. KEVO has developed an innovative conversion kit. 

6. Eldorado Stone Vintage Ranch Replica Barnwood: Sure the Barnwood Builders have piles of this stuff, here in Pasadena it is tougher to come by. This is an ample solution. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 12.22.19 PM.png

6. Advantage Lumber Deck Tiles. Decks went from redwood to press treated to now composites. This new composite deck tile takes the material to a new level. 

7. Artis Wall DIY Wall Treatment- I am sure some flippers are gonna love this. Me? Not so much. 


8. MagLev Sliding Shower Door- Not just for bullet trains anymore. Smooth gliding doors for the life of the shower.  Wow. 

9. Phantom Motorized Wall Screens- Keep the bugs out all season long all at the touch of a button.

10. Eaton Connected Home Hub- Smart devices like thermostats, lights, doors and more can all connect seamlessly through this whole house system.  Like it or not, this is the future of all homes. 

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