Money Magazine's 2018 Best Places to Live in Every State-CA City Not Pasadena But Close


The grass is greener theory is just part of human nature and while it's easy to say "My town is better than your town" there is data to reinforce claims.

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Late last year we delved into Great Cities to Move to Outside of California. We started with top-ranked cities and then showcased what kind of actual home you could buy for 75% of what the average Bungalow Heaven home would sell for. It was quite interesting to see the sprawling estate you could get in a great city outside of SoCal. Just think what would happen if you downsized? 

The topic of trending cities spiked today. You see, every year Money Magazine publishes the Best Places to Live in the US. They poll through data to make a top 100 list every year. Factors to determine both lists include strong economic and job growth, good schools, housing affordability as well as safety, shorter commute times, and overall pleasantry of the area.

The Top 100 list is further ranked by placing the best at the top.  Naturally, the accolade does benefit homeowners looking to sell and employers looking to recruit.

Some states make the list several times and other states miss the list entirely so they just published the Best Places to Live in Every State list.

So what was the best city in California?  Was it Santa Monica? Pasadena? Nope. Nearby Monterey Park made the best in the state. 

Those looking for income/rental property should take heed. If you want more info on the neighborhoods in Monterey Park, I can supply some info and potential listings. 

California Cities in the Past:

2013 Best Places to Live: La Palma- Near Cerritos (Rank 31), Walnut- Near Diamond Bar (Rank 49, 

2014 Best Places to Live: Irvine (Rank 14)

2016 Best Places to Live: Eastvale (by Riverside (Rank 17), Irvine (Rank 20)

2017 Best Places to Live: Monterey Park (Rank 3), Santa Monica (Rank 18), Los Alamitos -by Long Beach (Rank 60)




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