Pasadena Film Festival Kicks Off Today

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Pasadena film fans can rejoice in the fact that the theatrical award shows like the Oscars and The Independent Spirit Awards now lie in the rearview mirror for the fact that it signals the start of the beloved local Pasadena International Film Festival.

Festival circuits like Sundance, Tribeca and our own Pasadena Film Festival, draw film submissions from filmmakers across the globe (not just locally) and it is the film festival environment where amazing new films, writers, and directors are discovered.

The fifth annual Pasadena Film Festival will feature everything from full-length theatrical releases to impactful five-minute shorts. Like most festivals, topics range from comedy, drama, international submissions and documentary films. With over 100 different films to see at this years festival, you can see why so many people buy a multi-day pass to catch a bulk of them.

Many featured films at this year's festivals have been making the "festival circuit" and have racked up many accolades.  These include:


The Babies -A mother struggles with population control forces in a dystopian future.





Break The Chain -A hard-hitting documentary about the exploitation of children and their survival.




Buckout Road- New Yorks fabled "most haunted" road gets very real. 





Jax In Love- From the producer of Napoleon Dynamite, A sweet woman searching for meaning in the American West is not what she seems. 





Lawman- based on a true story, the tale of the first African-American deputy in 1975 Indian Territory.





Letters From Alcatraz- a teenage girl spends Christmas Eve 1962 on Alcatraz. 





Saving Santa- a grieving little girl finds solace in the familiar resemblance that a homeless man has. 


In addition to screenings, there will be filmmaking workshops and panels where the artists behind the films will share and discuss the process with festival goers. Festival kicks off today March 7th and runs through March 15th. All screenings take place at the Laemmle Playhouse on Colorado Blvd. All access passes cost $130 while individual tickets run $14. Full a full rundown of the films being shown and events being held, go to


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