Everything You need to Prepare Your House For Spring

Despite the 51 degrees outside, spring is coming and winter has pretty much blown right past us.  I love the colder temperatures and love having some variety in weather, but it is what it is.

With spring around the corner preparing your house is an annual tradition and I am here to help you get organized.


Home improvement shows dominate my TiVo and one of the regular favorites is Today's Homeowner and their simple approach to home maintenance and basic improvements. Knowing that there is an extremely long list of maintenance that a homeowner must do every year, they have broken the long list into four shorter and more manageable lists based on the annual seasons.

Springs tips and list include reversing ceiling fans (yes that is a thing), clearing rain gutters, preventing fires caused by the clothes dryer and HVAC prep for the spring and summer usage.

The infographic explains the why and the checklist breaks down priorities and the checklist. My apologies if your spouse pins this to the fridge.  It happens to me too.


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.01.25 AM.png

SInce 1978, This Old House has been championing the efforts of homeowners and renovation and restoration preparation and complete projects. The brand has seen several iterations of the TV show, have expanded into print publishing a magazine and now a new slick web interface that should appeal to a younger base of preservationists.

While the content seems very spare at launch, I am sure there wiull be more to come. Homes that an archive of all 35 years of past projects is what I hope for.  Maybe in time for spring cleaning. 


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