Worried About a Housing Bubble in Pasadena...


Many home buyers are concerned with a housing bubble, stating that now is not the time to buy, home sellers fear selling now and buying another property would put them in dire straits.

As an agent in the trenches, I can say this is far from the case. In fact, my wife and I are currently home shopping with no concern about a crash.

Note: there are always over-priced properties, and I feel flips are usually the ones with an elevated PPSF.  A quick search of what is currently on the market in Bungalow Heaven and their sales history is an indication of this.al 

Real Estate Website Trulia has broken down the Top five indicators of an impending housing crash in detail. With Pasadena in mind, you can see we have little of concern. Its a good read for those concerned with the future.

The market is strong, the rapid spike is leveling off, but the thoughts of a crash are unfounded. 


Michael Robleto

REALTOR®-Podley Properties




Michael Robleto is a REALTOR® with Pasadena based Podley Properties. His analytical and open approach to sales has served his clients well in his twenty years of sales. Michael brings a modern data and technology driven approach to real estate while focusing on the historic architecture of Bungalow Heaven. For Sellers or Buyers Agent representation he can be contacted directly. 

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