12 Amazing Pasadena Area Neighborhoods That You Never Heard Of But Should

Everything from stunning views and historic homes, to up and coming neighborhoods ripe for investment.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, upsize for a growing family or downsizing your now empty nest, it is hard to beat Pasadena Real Estate as a place to own a home. 

Pasadena has a lot going for it, there is a strong retail corridor along Colorado Blvd and Lake Avenue that feature acclaimed restaurants like Mercado and Arbor as well as retail anchors like Sephora, Apple, Tiffany & Co, H&M and more. Many of the Pasadena public schools have grown in leaps in bounds and are now some of the nation’s best while a strong selection of private and charter schools only further cement Pasadena as a highly desirable place to raise a family.

While these Pasadena charms be found elsewhere in Southern California, what can’t be found elsewhere is what makes Pasadena really special. For the outdoor fan, Pasadena and its proximity to the San Gabriel Mountain range makes hiking a daily option with popular trails like Echo Canyon, Eaton Canyon and the track around the Rose Bowl. Architecture fans will swoon over the 40 plus historic landmark neighborhood districts and their protected trees as well as the preservation efforts of historic buildings throughout the city.

As a Pasadena real estate agent,I have the honor of visiting 30 plus homes every week and in doing so I have been to every nook and cranny in and around town. With so many great neighborhoods hiding in plain sight, I have put together a collection of what I believe are some most impressive lesser known neighborhoods in and around Pasadena that you could call home.

If you want any more info on these neighborhoods or want alerts on home buying options in any of these, you can contact me at my information below.


1. Altos de Monterrey

Also known as the Hills of South Pasadena, this mountainous neighborhood is one of the best hidden gems in town.  Roads wind and curve through valleys and ridges while houses sit a top or alongside mountains giving many homes impressive views from the mountain tops. Part of the top-rated South Pasadena School district, this neighborhood is highly desired by parents. So much so, most parents are willing to overlook the fact that large flat backyards, are not commonplace.  Being one of a later built neighborhoods in the city (mid 1960’s), the architecture here falls more into the Mid-Century modern and ranch type vs the Craftsmans we see in so many of the other neighborhoods. The southern Pasadena location and 110 freeway access make this a short commute for those working in Downtown LA.

Recent Sold Price Range: $888,000 – $1,885,000


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2. Bungalow Heaven

A personal favorite of mine, Bungalow Heaven is a collection of 1,000 homes from the early 1900’s.  Stunningly original Craftsman style homes dominate the neighborhood but you will find some Spanish casitas and Farmhouses.  This neighborhood features one of the highest concentration of homes built by famous architects of the period. The neighbors are very closely knit and offer a unique friendliness that is rarely seen in Southern California. Bungalow Heaven is the first Landmark District in Pasadena which protects the architectural charm of the neighborhood. This is done by limiting what homeowners can do to the outward appearance of their homes.  While restricting for some, it is celebrated by most homeowners now, and certainly into the future.  

Recent Sold Price Range: $695,000 – $1,205,000


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3. Janes Village

Located in the adjacent Altadena, Janes Village is a collection of 190 super quaint cottages of a smaller footprint built by builder E.P. Janes. His style of architecture features the high pitch roof and exposed-timber style of a Tudor but with a unique twist. This neighborhood was built between 1924-1926 as an affordable housing campaign during the area’s massive expansion of the time. A designated Altadena Heritage Area, this neighborhood is prime for first time buyers looking to take on renovation projects. Note: walking distance from the neighborhood is Cheney Trail which is tremendously popular for hikers. 

Recent Sold Price Range: $635,000 – $825,000


View Compass Collection of Active Listings & Recent Sales in Janes Village


4. Garfield Heights

Another protected Pasadena Landmark Neighborhood, Garfield Heights is the lessor know cousin to Bungalow Heaven yet its name goes back to the founding days of Pasadena. Most homes are built in the Craftsman era from 1890 to 1920 yet you will see a wider variety or architectural styles from Foursquare, Queen Annes and Spanish Colonial. A great way to get a feel for this neighborhood is to attend the annual Garfield. Heights Home Tour.  The 2018 event will be held December 2nd from 11am to 4pm. 

Recent Sold Price Range: $782,000 – $1,600,000


View Compass Collection of Active Listings & Recent Sales in Garfield Heights

5. Daisy-Villa

On the eastern side of Pasadena lies the 350-home neighborhood of Daisy Villa. While small, the benefits of this neighborhood are huge.  There are more parks in close proximity to this neighborhood than any others on this list.  Pasadena’s favorite dog park (Alice’s) is walking distance as is the massive Victory Park (home to one of the largest local Farmer’s Markets). Freeway close, a Daisy Villa address will greatly cut commute times for those working east of Pasadena. While there are older historic architecture homes, the bulk of the neighborhood is post-war traditional in style, making it ideal for those that are less architecturally inclined and looking for affordability. 

Recent Sold Price Range: $840,000 – $1,079,000


View Compass Collection of Active Listings & Recent Sales in Daisy-Villa

6. Historic Highlands

One of the most impressive neighborhoods for grand historic homes that aren’t mansions, is the Landmark District of Historic Highlands.  Located just north of Bungalow Heaven this neighborhood grew to prominence between 1912 and 1920. This entire neighborhood used to be two large, privately owned ranch estates before being subdivided to what we see today.  The result is larger lots and stately homes that were custom built for prosperous professionals of the time. Architectural styles vary from Spanish revivals and Craftsman’s to Tudors and even some smaller bungalows. This is an ideal neighborhood for a growing family that needs to sensibly upsize into more space. 

Recent Sold Price Range: $540,000 – $1,220,000


View Compass Collection of Active Listings & Recent Sales in Historic Highlands

7. Chapman Woods

East Pasadena’s most acclaimed neighborhood is Chapman Woods.  Made up of 462 homes, the neighborhood features sprawling estates along California Blvd that blend together with early ranch-style homes that were built from the late 1930’s through the early 1950’s. Although not currently a protected Landmark District, there are efforts from concerned Chapman Woods homeowners to make it one. The older population here is downsizing resulting in a higher turnover rate than other neighborhoods featured here. If big houses with large yards and mature tree lined streets is what you see as bliss, this is heaven. 

Recent Sold Price Range: $675,000 – $4,525,000


View Compass Collection of Active Listings & Recent Sales in Chapman Woods

8. Markham Place

Listed on the National Register of Historic Place, Markham Place historic district is one of the most architecturally impressive neighborhoods that you have never heard of.  While the actual district borders span a larger square, it is really comprised of two streets. These homes harken back to the very early days of Pasadena as it was one of the first real neighborhoods in town.  Preservation is huge in the Markham District and is actually the birthplace of Pasadena Heritage, our local preservation association. Home styles range from epic Queen Annes and swiss Craftsman’s to Shingle homes and even a modern Buff and Hensman home. Centrally located to Huntington hospital, the neighborhood is ideal for health care professionals. This neighborhood is also home to a frustratingly awesome collection of old Craftsmans that are owned by Caltrans.  These were bought decades ago as part of a planned freeway extension that thankfully never happened.  Caltrans owns these homes currently, some are rented out and others are empty due to disrepair. Caltrans is planning on selling these homes in the very near future but the sales process is a murky, incredibly slow. Just know that these homes will never appear on your typical real estate sites like Zillow or Realtor.com. 

Recent Sold Price Range: $1,350,000 – $2,495,000


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9. Linda Vista

There are few neighborhoods as quaint as Linda Vista. Perched between the west side of the Rosebowl and to the east of Art Center Pasadena, Linda Vista has an air of established prestige. Dominated by ranch style homes from the 50’s, Linda Vista has properties dating back to the very early days of Pasadena as well. Linda Vista Ave bifurcates the neighborhood with a busy thoroughfare for locals but the streets adjacent are quiet and serene. The secluded nature of Linda Vista has been a drawn for Hollywood celebrities as of late. Those looking for larger homes and privacy will find ample opportunities in Linda Vista as recent turnover rates are quite high. 

Recent Sold Price Range: $1,200,000 – $2,203,000


View Compass Collection of Active Listings & Recent Sales in Linda Vista

10. Rosemont

Rosemont lies as a polar opposite to Linda Vista. It flanks the eastside of the park running a north-south stretch similar to Linda Vista but rather than massive estates on huge lots, Rosemont is predominantly made up of smaller homes on smaller lots. While there are a lot of larger higher end homes just adjacent to the park that is not the bulk of this neighborhood.  The close proximity to North Arroyo and the massively popular walking/running/biking track at the Rose Bowl, Rosemont has a stellar location. The neighborhood had some rough edges in the past (note Pasadena rough is not big city rough) but if you drive through it today you will see clusters of renovated homes and younger families out and about.  It is my professional prediction that this will be area of major value growth in the next five to seven years.  Hint, hint, buy here if you are looking for entry level and strong investment potential. 

Recent Sold Price Range: $525,000 – $1,680,000


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11. The Meadows

This hidden mountain enclave of 200 homes in North West Altadena is a surprise to even lifelong Pasadena area locals. With only one road coming in and out, The Meadows, and its nestled nature at the mountains makes for a neighborhood teaming with wildlife and a close-knit community. Close proximity to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory it is a draw for physicists and actors looking for privacy. Historic architecture of strong styles isn’t what makes The Meadows great, the little mountain town vibe is. 

Recent Sold Price Range: $689,000 – $946,000


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12. Rubio Canyon

If you are an outdoorsy person, then I bet you have driven past this quaint little neighborhood in the past. The Rubio Canyon neighborhood lies just south of the trailhead for one of LA’s most popular hiking trails; the Cobb Estate / Echo Canyon trail. Located at the very top of Lake avenue in Altadena, this hilly enclave has a wide mix of architectural styles but Spanish / Mediterranean Revival is dominant. Due to the dramatic climb in elevation, many homeowners here get the pleasure of being able to view Catalina island on a clear day. Remote in nature but easy access to North Lake avenue a home here gives you a straight shot into the heart of Pasadena. 

Recent Sold Price Range: $770,000 – $1,200,000


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