Fun Ways to Beat Bad Weather


Face It, Angelenos Are Spoiled When It Comes to Weather,

The slightest cloud in the sky will cause a flurry of concerns, all the while, those that aren’t native bemoan our whining. Well, let’s face it, a little rain is awesome, a lot of rain is great, endless rain, well, it starts to wear thin. This months event guide focuses on those things we can do indoors despite what the skies outside want to surprise us with.

Enjoy and remember to share the discoveries.

Dive Into a Bowl of Pho

Many of us have hunkered over a bowl of this amazing Vietnamese concoction, but if you haven’t, you should, even if you don’t care for “weird foreign dishes”. This hearty brothy bowl of noodles and vegetables is sure to win of the most finicky of pallets. Some of the best Pho restaurants (pronunciation) will have long lines at peak times. Here are my go-to spots:


Blossom 426 S Main LINK

Alhambra/San Gabriel (the Hub of Great Pho):

Saigon Eden 29 S Garfield (Never a wait) LINK

Golden Deli: 815 W Las Tunas (Always a long wait): LINK


Pho on California 133 W California LINK

Pasadena Noodle & Grill 2355 E Colorado LINK

NELA/Eagle Rock:

Chateau Lemongrass 1952 Colorado Blvd LINK

Downtown LA Tunnel tours.jpg

Underground Tunnel Tours In DTLA

If this doesn’t sound amazing, then I do not know what to tell you. The basic premise is, that there are a ton of old tunnels under Downtown Los Angeles, from the old Pacific Electric trolly cars to the bank transfer tunnels bifurcating Spring Street over and over, there is a bunch going on under that sidewalk. Ask about the rat story and the Subway Terminal building. Tickets and Info HERE

Museums You Want to Attend

NHm Museum.jpg

We usually hit museums on first dates or when the relatives come in, but there are some that should be on your regular rounds. Pasadena’s Norton Simon Museum is home to the Old Masters like Rembrandt and Dega but there is a wide variety of European, Far East and Buddhist artifacts as well.

The Natural History Museum located in South LA’s Expo Park (and soon the George Lucas Museum) is not only home to natural artifacts but the 1913 structure is the first museum in LA and quite a stunner. Come for the dinosaurs, stay for the architecture. Ask about First Fridays where DJ’s come play at the museum.

Rounding out the list isn’t the Getty or LACMA, but Downtown LA’s The Broad. The Infinity Mirror Room has made museums cool to the Instagram crown unlike any museum ever has. be honest, you want a picture there. Go do it. Line up early before it opens and beat the two hour line. Remember, hipsters sleep in.

Those Portraits Rock -

Photography Icon Annie Leibovitz has an installation featuring her early works (1970-1983) at the DTLA Arts District Hauser & Wirth gallery. If your groove is music from this era (Leibovitz was chief photog for Rolling Stone Magazine during this time period), you will love this show.

Liebovitz March.jpg


Get Stupid On Green Beer

If all of this is too high-brow for you then peak low-brow commences on St Patrick’s Day. The biggest around will be in #DTLA at Casey’s Irish Pub. While this event is not all indoors, you probably won’t notice any bad weather. Note: This street festival is not for the faint of heart. Lots of drinking, lots of drunk people, but they are all having a blast (until the next morning). LINK


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