Fun & Fit Ways To Stay True To Your Exercise Resolution

New year, new goals right? Many of us have “exercise more” on that list. But what do you do if the “gym” really isn’t your thing? Well I scoured the interweb for the most interesting events in January and early February that will give you a bit of a workout (some more than others).


Get some motivation, no pants subway

January 13th. Let’s kick it off with a little motivation. The “No Pants Subway Ride” is an annual event where, like the title says, ride the subway in your undies. Some people really get in to it, sure to be hilarious, sure to make you just enough body conscious to get some exercise in. LINK


Free Yoga


January 18th. The best kind of Yoga, is free yoga that you actually do. Curative Yoga on Lake Ave is offering Free sessions on Friday January 18th from 11am to Noon. If you have never tried yoga or have been looking for a new place to do it, this is a no brainer. Did I mention it was free? LINK

Hike Those Mountains

Echo MountainTrail.jpg

Hiking is the perfect exercise for all fitness levels. You can hike slow, you can hike fast, you can find hard uphill climb hikes or easy meandering hikes.

The best hiking regimen is to just get on the trail. There are many hiking trail books for the LA area to discover new ones and even apps like AllTrails to check out.

LA and Pasadena is flanked by some great mountains making hiking a popular option to get the blood flowing. You can do low impact hikes around Griffith Park or more strenuous feats in Echo Canyon. I penned an article not long ago about some great options. This is my go to plus I can do it with my dog. See my favorites here: LINK

Nothin’ But Sand Cleanup -Torrance Beach


January 19th. We are a messy people and litterbugs are prevalent in our great outdoors. Group clean ups are a great feel good way to give back to the community, a way to meet new people and an easy way to get some stretching and low impact exercise in.

There was a recent group Clean Up in Eaton Canyon that pulled tons of trash from our popular hiking area and a beach clean up is coming up next. Legendary non-profit Heal The Bay does an annual series of recreational area cleanups jumping from beach to beach and we all know trekking the beach is a good work out. The next up is in Torrance. LINK

Women’s March


January 19th. The LA version of the nationwide demonstration for the sake of social justice kicks off from Pershing Square in DTLA and wraps up at Grand Park near City Hall. Music, speakers and motivation abound. This is an amazingly good cause and our part as Americans to voice our opinions.

Note: Parking is nuts in DTLA. My advice is to take the Metro in and get off at Pershing Square. Or better yet, find an AirBnB in the historic Core or South Park and come in the night before. LINK

Arcadia Lunar New Year Festival


January 19th. Lunar New Year is big business here in SoCal. The biggest event will be the City of Arcadia's official Arcadia Lunar New Year Festival featuring food vendors, activities for all ages, crafts, music and more. You have to check this out at least once. LINK

Lunar New Year actually takes place on February 5th and there are a bunch more events surrounding this colorful holiday. You can see more options here: LINK

Get Your ArtWalk On


Various Days, Locations, Monthly. Most major cities and areas in SoCal are hosting community ArtWalks now. An ArtWalk is a set day where local art galleries, event venues and likeminded businesses open their doors in the evening to host visitors and display local artists. They usually span several streets and several blocks allowing for a good amount of physical activity to see it all. Note: ArtWalking to the bar next to the gallery won’t count as exercise. Here are the ones to see:

DTLA Art Walk -2nd Thursday Monthly

If you feel DTLA can be scary, this is a great way to explore the city with masses of people around. Hands down the best ArtWalk in SoCal. Plus great dining all around. LINK

East LA Art Walk - 2nd Sunday Monthly

I have not done this one yet but I will soon. With all the media hype of Boyle Heights and El Sereno being anti-gentrification this popular event is proof that the neighborhood wants change. LINK

Long Beach Art Walk -2nd Sunday Monthly

The LBC has been growing in leaps and bounds. New restaurants and condo developments have made Long Beach a very walkable city. Makes sense that they have an ArtWalk. LINK

The Largest Art Show in LA


January 23-27. Every year, the LA Convention Center becomes the mecca for art.

This years theme is Modern and Contemporary but you will find art of all styles. Tons of events including Premier parties, After parties at Downtown art galleries and lectures surround the four day convention of all things art.

If art is your thing, this is the event for you. Guaranteed to get a low of walking in as this takes up a huge portion of the convention center. LINK

Curling, Yes That Curling


January 26th. We all know that the most strenuous Winter Olympic sport isn’t cross country ski marathons or ice hockey, it’s Curling.

Now you can get that same Olympic experience right here in Pasadena. This learn to curl class is great for all levels and doesn’t require you need to know how to ice skate. LINK

Rose Bowl Swap Meet


Monthly. The monthly RoseBowl swap meet is massive. The sheer nature of the scale makes it a great place to get some activity in. Heck, getting from your car to show is a work out in itself. The endless rows of vendors makes for a great way to get some activity in while doing some window shopping and browsing in. Bonus points if you walk the Rose Bowl loop before or after. LINK

70th Annual Grand National Roadster Show


January 25th - 27th. 4,000 amazingly beautiful hot rods and custom classic cars gather every year at the Pomona Fairgrounds for the annual Grand National Roadster Show. There are vendor displays, interactive exhibits for the kids and more during show but the real draw is the miles of killer cars. You will definitely get a work out in as the fairgrounds are huge and this show takes up all of it. The highlight of the show is a competition within the competition that will award the acclaimed trophy for America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR). This fierce competition pits million dollar custom builds against each other to crown only one. Wants to see a grown man cry, attend this award ceremony on the last day of the show. LINK

Pasadena Heritage Historic Pub Crawl


January 26th. Most of us are aware of the amazing historic architecture we have here in Pasadena, well that isn’t limited to epic Craftsmans and quaint Spanish Revivals, there is a large amount of commercial properties here in Pasadena that have a ripe history dating back to the early days of Pasadena (late 1800’s). The custodians of all things historical, Pasadena Heritage, is taking a walk down memory lane and fueling it with some post-prohibition libations. As part of their walking tour series, the Jan26th event will focus on the historical bars of Pasadena. I will be working this event, come say hi. LINK

Back Country Skills Class @ REI -Chantry Flats


February 2nd Have you been stocking canned beans in your crawlspace for the past ten years? Or maybe you just love camping and backpacking? Well, this event will be the one for you and you will get a little exercise out of it to boot. This is part of the outdoor education sessions that outdoor retailer REI offers. This particular class is offered in nearby Chantry Flats and should be a decent workout. REI offers many other classes that are sure to get the heart pumping (see Mountain Biking, Ocean Kayaking, Mountain Climbing). This skills class will educate you on finding water, making a fire without matches and more. It is a great intro class and a great way to meet fellow outdoorsy types. LINK

Museum Free For All


February 2 & 3. This special weekend in February will include almost 50 LA area museums that will open their doors to the public for free. Museums are a great way to get a little exercise in. Book several in one day to make it a real workout, go easy on the lunch and you will be feeling fit and cultured. No shortage of options here. See the whole list here. LINK

A Real Workout in 45 Mins


Daily. Now if cruising car shows or strolling through museums aren’t your idea of a real work out. Then I have only one suggestion for you. F45, short for Functional 45, this Australian born fitness franchise has perfected the 45 minute workout. I did one of their eight-week challenges last year and lost a ton of weight and felt amazing. The trainers are the owners and they are just genuinely good people that care. If you have ever heard of someone rave about how great their gym was, it really wasn’t unless it was F45. I have held memberships at 30+ gyms in my life, none have ever come close to this one. Not cheap, but the time you save by getting in and out with a killer work out in 45 minutes makes it well worth it. The Pasadena location is on Walnut off El Molino. Ask about sign up specials. LINK




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