California State Parks Seeks Volunteers

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Well it will be ninety degrees this week so I am going to put my hopes for a winter to bed for this year. The best part about our never-ending and gloriously good weather is the steady stream of things to do outdoors.

With parks, mountains and beaches all around Pasadena it is in all of our best interests to preserve these natural wonders. One great way to keep these outdoor playgrounds bountiful for generations to come is to volunteer.

Volunteering is a selfless act of kindness that pays back with new friendships and new experiences. 

Here are a couple options to consider:

California State Parks Foundation:

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Cal Parks Park Champions program has a robust volunteer program across the state. Projects include trail repair, habitat restoration , construction and painting in our state parks. Signing up is easy on their website and there are options near and far and at a variety of experience and fitness levels.

Current projects in and around Pasadena include working Rio de Los Angeles State Park (the LA River revitalization efforts), the new Los Angeles State Historic Park (just north of Downtown LA, often called the Cornfields) and Silverwood Lake State Park (by Lake Arrowhead). 

More info, Current State Park projects and schedules HERE


The preservation minded non-profit called HistoriCorps will connect with homeowners of historic homes as they too have a mind for restoring the past. Founded and run by restoration advocates HistoriCorps has projects nationwide.


Right here in our San Gabriel Valley backyard, HistoriCorps has been working to restore a 1930's build district office. The building was designed by Pasadena architect Robert M Williams. Volunteers are sought to help with planting, restoration of the historic courtyard and rehabilitate tile lined fountains. Tasks vary. Go to their website for full details and contact info. 

More info, current HistoriCorp projects and schedules HERE

Habitat for Humanity Pasadena

The San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity has been working on a home project right here in Pasadena that you have probably driven past a hundred times but never realized it.


Nestled under the arches of our historic Colorado Street Bridge, the Desiderio Homes project has been in the works since spring 2016. Now in the later stages of construction, the finish work will probably have the most interest to homeowners.  I have volunteered for this program and really enjoyed it. You need little to no construction experience and you can try different tasks throughout the day to experience more. Everyone on staff is great and it was such a gorgeous setting. 

With these homes nearing their final stages, you will be working mostly indoors on finish carpentry, drywall, painting etc.  

More info, current Habitat projects, and schedules HERE

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