Outdoor Brand Patagonia Launches Environmental Activism Site With Links to Pasadena


Long before hipsters embraced the Patagonia clothing brand, the Southern California based outfitter has been advocating for the health of the planet. Regardless of your stance on climate change, we can all agree that a clean planet is a good planet.

Often flooded with calls on how people can support the planet-saving efforts of Patagonia, the brand saw a need to create a digital answer to how can I help. The result is the Patagonia Action Network. 

The online directory is searchable on a local level and by category of causes (Climate, Land, Water, Biodiversity). Search results bring up local causes and ways to connect for volunteering or donation. 

Rosemont Preserve.jpg

A quick search for all categories resulted in the Arroyo Foothills Association and their local efforts in geologic and wildlife preservation. The AFC offers access and educational programming in La Crescenta. They have been championing the fight against the poisoning of wildlife animals like bobcats and bears. Many local schools plan field trips but there is fun for all ages. 

The Patagonia Action network features an email signup and hundreds of other programs in the US with several in Southern California that one could get involved in. 


Michael Robleto

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