Pasadena Restaurants Making News

While downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) dominates the digital headlines for new restaurant openings and accolades, Pasadena has had a swath of restaurant news of note this week. Here is a wrap up:

Eater LA 26 Essential Sushi Restaurants 2018:

Sushi Kimagure gets top ranks once again being San Gabriel Valley's only mention in the list. Tucked into a corner space here in Pasadena Kimagure is home to chef Ike-san. and is known for incredibly tasty and original dishes made on the fly. Prices are daunting making this a special or more in-frequent option for most. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 9.11.58 AM.png

The six-year-old Spanish Tapas spot will close its doors on February 1st and go through a transition in name and cuisine style as it becomes Dérive. A shift to farm to table/ New American may draw a stronger appeal through more sufficient portions to the diners of Green St. 

Pasadena Super Burger Is A Hidden Hit

Burgers are big business and have been for decades, but the latest trend of bespoke burgers have jacked up prices to crazy levels. Yet tucked away on the east side of Pasadena is Super Burger. Cheap prices, great service, and an amazing burger is starting to get some cred in the burger wars.

New Sushi Spot Sounds Fishy

Ichi Gyo Ichi Et opens on Fair Oaks South of Colorado and adds to the endless dinign options on our main drag. However, the fanfare of the new opening seems to have wained in a very short amount of time. While Eater LA gave a plug for it being new, the Yelp reviews are anything but inspiring. Hopefully, things will turn around for the new eatery. 

Alhambra Classic Moves to So PAS Location

The 75-year-old restaurant Twohey's is well known in Alhambra for it's Route 66/Diner appeal. When a new lease agreement just couldn't happen the owners were facing closing. Thankfully this local favorite will be relocating to the former Carmines location on Fair Oaks. 


Have a favorite restaurant that has some news, drop me a line and I will be glad to include it. 

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