Lost Another One- Local Vons at Allen and Washington Closing

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Pasadena north of the 210 has always had a battle with good super markets. While parts in the southern end of the city enjoy Pavillions, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes, the northern part has an ever-rotating mix of mid-tier markets and ones that just can't seem to get it right.

The latest one to get the ax is Vons on Allen and Washington Blvd just east of Bungalow Heaven which will be closing April 30th this year. 

Turns out the landlord of the property isn't an easy guy to deal with and the market just can't seem to come to an agreement.  Rumor has it that its replacement will be Stater Bros.

Stater Bros has been around for some time and they have many stores in Southern California, unfortunately, by the reviews of the locations closest to us (the West Covina location), it may not be an improvement. Granted there are many fans of Stater Bros and the possibility of this being a special "showcase" store could very well equate to an improvement over the Vons. Time will tell.

The transition from Vons to Stater Bros may take several months, leaving this corner without a market for most of the summer. 

Grocery shopping in an immensely particular shopping experience that faces more scrutiny than most retail. We shop for groceries a couple times a week at the minimum, it is where we nourish ourselves and our families.  Healthy options, a good variety, well-maintained stores and a pleasant customer service experience is demanded. This is probably why so many do not see an issue with paying premiums at stores like Pavillions, Gelson's and Whole Foods.



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